I help convert visions and ideas
into meaningful and useful software products


Emmy Steven

Software Engineer | Technical Writer

Developing and maintaining a modern web application and/or website can be a daunting venture! There are development risks, technical risk, and risk in getting the right person or team on board. Some risks are downright unavoidable.

That’s where Emmy Steven comes in. With specialty in developing modern web solutions for individuals, startups and established companies, He uses the latest cutting edge technologies and engineering methods, and strives to build great web solutions, while minimizing risks and other factors that can break your budget.

  • He employs agile methodologies to deliver services as at when due.
  • He under promises and over delivers.
  • Integrity is his watch word because his word is what he really has.

My Skills

I am passionate about seeing your business scale and in order to do so I offer the following services

C# Development

I use C# .NET to build web solutions with robust APIs, integrating 3rd party services like Auth0 and Cloudinary

Database Development

I help clients write efficient SQL queries and see to it that the vulnerability of their database is brought to a minimum

Technical Writing

I write great documentations that help my clients to easily understand and use the solution(s) I have built for them


After building web solutions, I provide continuous monitoring, testing, delivery and integration

Web Development

Using my programming knowledge, I provide elegant solutions to complex business problems

Software Testing

I offer software testing in order to help clients deal with performance issues in their web application or solution

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